Restaurant adds surcharge to help pay for staff’s health insurance

CHICAGO – A handful of Chicago restaurants will be adding a surcharge to customer’s bills to help pay for employees’ health insurance.

Fat Rice is among four small Logan Square eateries that will attempt to create more financial equity for their entire staff.

Fat Rice has 30 full time employees and 20 part-time. Most of the staff does not have health insurance.

Next week, Fat Rice will add 4 percent to the check that will pay for not only 50 percent of their health insurance but increase wages for the back of the house.

“We feel that this 4 percent increase is a way of us raising prices that’s very transparent to the customer and shows exactly where that money is going,” fat Rice co-owner and executive chef Abraham Conlon said.

Customers can opt out of the surcharge is they choose too.

The owners are hoping customers will continue to come here and be supportive of the change.

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