How often have same-day record highs and/or lows occurred a year apart?

Dear Tom,

I have noticed several instances where one year’s record low was followed one year later by a record high on the same date or vice versa. How often has this occurred?

Bill DeMarco

Dear Bill,

Chicago climate expert Frank Wachowski tells us that scenario has occurred just six times in Chicago since 1871. None is more dramatic than the city’s back-to-back Christmases in 1982-83. Fueled by a strong El Niño, Chicago established record highs of 62 on Dec. 23 and 64 on Christmas Day in 1982. In 1983,with a persistent Siberian Express in control, record lows of minus 21 and minus 17 were logged on the same dates. The other four occurrences are–April 21, 1985, 88 degrees, and 1986, 27 degrees; May 11, 1982, 89 degrees, and 1981, 33 degrees; July 28, 1983, 100 degrees, and 1984, 51 degrees; and Oct. 21, 1953, 87 degrees, and 1952, 26 degrees.

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