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More like Pedia-Lit: Pedialyte now making hydration mix for adults… and you know why

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Pedialyte is stepping up their game – just in time for holiday parties and the granddaddy of them all,  New Year’s Eve.

The company, which is known for their hydration products for children,  has fans in the adult market as a hangover helper.

And the product, made by Chicago area based Abbot, is now making waves on social media their latest contribution to the cause,  Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder, made and marketed specifically to adults.


Their website states:

Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs are a fizzy way to quickly replenish fluids and electrolytes lost to dehydration. … Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs are a clear, great-tasting way to rehydrate without any artificial colors. Designed with an optimal balance of electrolytes and sugar, Pedialyte Sparkling Rush Powder Packs replace fluids and electrolytes more effectively than sports drinks to help prevent dehydration* caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion.

While they aren’t specifically saying it’s a treatment for hangovers, Twitter knows better.

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