‘This is all that we have and it means life to us:’ Widow makes plea on Facebook for camera lost at O’Hare

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CHICAGO — A widow from Indianapolis made a plea on social media in hopes of finding a lost camera bag.

Adisa Zec was returning home from her husband’s funeral in Bosnia and had a layover at Chicago’s O’Hare airport on Dec. 14.

“My beloved husband passed away on November 29 from lung cancer! He’s Funeral [sic] was in Bosnia and we were on the way back home to Indiana when we lost it,” she said in a Facebook post.

The Chicago Tribune reports Zec’s husband Emir died after battling Stage 4 lung cancer and a rare type of pneumonia.

Zec and her family traveled to Bosnia for the funeral, but on the day of the services, Zec became ill.

“I was too ill to attend the funeral so a friend took pictures and recorded it for me. I said I would watch it when I was able, when I was stronger, and I never got the chance,” she said.

Zec’s Facebook plea goes on to say:

“This is all that we have and it means life to us! My son has been crying and feeling like he lost his dad all over again! Please help us get our memories back because that’s all we have right now.”

She included a picture of her son that happens to include the bag.  She said she was at Terminal 1 and Gate C28.

The family is offering a reward and only wants the memory card:

 “Please help us share 🙏 and find some peace in this most difficult time in our life 😢 we also have reward set up for this 1000$ if you decide to send the memory card you can keep the camera 🙏”

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