Region to remain in mild air over the weekend

Despite extensive clouds and northeast winds, temperatures managed to reach the low and mid 40s across much of the metro area on Friday. The main weather maker this weekend will be another southern-track storm system. Typically, a disturbance of this nature may bring a swath of significant snowfall to parts of the Midwest. Due to the mild weather regime that has been established, rain is forecast to reach as far north as central Illinois and Indiana. The Chicago area is to sit on the northern fringe of this circulation, with bands of high cloudiness dimming emergent sunshine. High pressure to the north will strengthen brisk northeast winds, but temperatures are still expected to reach the 40s. The exception will be along the lakefront where flow off the 34-degree water will keep highs in the upper 30s. Milder conditions are due Sunday. Lighter winds and more sunshine may boost temperatures to the upper 40s.

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