Do you have data that supports this past November being unusually dreary, especially at sunrise?

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Dear Tom,

This past November was unusually dreary, especially at sunrise. Do you have data that supports this?

Sue Kaplan

Dear Sue,

You are absolutely correct. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski, the recorder of the city’s sunshine, informed us that only three of the month’s 30 sunrises were clearly visible and just three more could be partially viewed. Considering the month’s entire sunshine record, it was unusually cloudy, even by dreary November standards. Typically, November and January, average just 42 percent of possible sunshine, one percent higher than December’s 41 percent, the city’s least sunny month. This November logged just 28 percent of possible sunshine, the lowest since a similar amount in 1995. Dating back to 1893, November 1985 ranks as the city’s least sunny month, recording just 16 percent of its possible sunshine.

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