When was the last time Chicago set a record low for a day’s maximum temperature?

Dear Tom,

When was the last time Chicago set a record low for a day’s maximum temperature?


Dear Jerry,

It was less than a year ago on New Year’s Day 2018 when Chicago logged a record low maximum of just 1 degree during a holiday deep freeze. Just a few days earlier the 5 degree high on December 26, 2017 also established a new record low maximum. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski, scanned the record books and noted that an astonishing four new record low maximums were established in 2014. The first occurred on January 6 with a high of minus 2. That was followed by record low highs of 56 degrees on September 11, 47 degrees on October 4 and 19 degrees on November 18. Wachowski also noted that the city’s all-time record low maximum was a frigid minus 11, observed on Christmas Eve 1983 and again on January 18, 1994.

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