How much below normal were November temperatures?

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Dear Tom,
I never saw a “close the books on November” in your column. How much below normal was the temperature that month?
— Jeff Peterson, Cedar Lake, Ind.
Dear Jeff,
With an average temperature of 34.6 degrees at O’Hare International Airport, November 2018 was Chicago’s 14th coldest November in 149 years of official temperature records (1870-2018). That value is 5.7 degrees below the 1870-2018 average for November. It was 35 degrees at Midway Airport, the 10th coldest in 91 years (1928-2018) of temperature records at that station.
With total snowfall of 12.7 inches, November was the city’s fourth snowiest out of 135 years (1884-2018). And with precipitation of 3.24 inches, November 2018 was 0.78 inches wetter than the long-term average and Chicago’s 39th wettest November out of 149 years.

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