Are you sabotaging your relationships? Relationship expert Love McPherson is back to tell us.

In a world where failing marriages and toxic relationships have become the societal norm, Relationship Expert, Love McPherson is the voice of hope that says, “I was born for this.” She is a passionate author, captivating speaker, and engaging media personality on a mission to impact generations and heal relationships by teaching individuals how to love better.

Studies show that about 85% of dating relationships will end in a break up. Relationship Expert, Love McPherson, is here to talk about break ups that happen due to Self-Sabotage.

Ways People Self-Sabotage their Relationships

1. They Drop Bread Crumbs Rather Than Serving a Feast ● Self-sabotagers may only give small pieces of themselves, leaving their mates feeling deprived and wanting more.

2. They Invest in People Who Aren’t Invested in Them ● They give their all for people who give nothing in return. You subconsciously know that if your investment is bad, you never have to worry about it growing.
3. They Throw Good Fish Back Into the Pond while Complaining of Hunger ● You find shallow reasons to get rid of good potentials while complaining of lack of choices.
4. They Keep their Relationships “Drunk on Drama” ● They pick fights and hold grudges, and use the conflict as an excuse to either break up or remain uncommitted.
5. They’re Too Busy to Create a Bond ● Self-Sabotagers often use busy-ness as a distraction to a meaningful, committed relationship. SOLUTIONS: SELF –AWARENESS – You have to know YOU!! Know your fears, triggers, wounds and strengths. ● Face Your Fears ● Manage Your Triggers ● Heal Your Wounds ● Lead With Your Strengths

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