Teen leads Wisconsin deputies on 100 mph chase

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MILWAUKEE — An 18-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for her second OWI, or operating while intoxicated, offense early Tuesday morning after leading deputies on a chase reaching speeds of 100 mph.

Marissa Lucero

It began just after midnight when deputies saw a vehicle driven by Marissa Lucero going 71 in a 50 mph zone. A chase ensued, officials said the fleeing driver reached speeds in excess of 100 mph and veered through traffic.

After exiting at Capitol Drive, the vehicle struck a curb and damaged a front tire and axle. It came to a stop on a median.

The chase wasn't over. Lucero can be seen making a run for it just as backup arrives. She was captured by deputies and arrested.

While leading Lucero back to the squad car, emotions took over. Lucero can be heard screaming for her mother. Deputies found a half bottle of vodka on the front passenger floor of the vehicle she crashed.

Two deputies received minor injuries in the chase.

The sheriff's office said this is Lucero's second OWI offense. She had a previous arrest in May of this year. Lucero was not allowed to be behind the wheel due to the previous conviction.

Lucero faces felony charges of Vehicle Operator Flee/Elude an Officer, 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, and Resisting/Obstructing an Officer-Causing Soft Tissue Injury. Lucero will also receive a misdemeanor charge of Operating After Revocation-OWI-related, citations for speeding, and Refuse to Submit to Intox/Blood.

If convicted on all charges, Lucero faces up to 20 years and nine months in prison.

Lucero's bail has been set at $6,000.

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