Mayor Emanuel on Burke FBI raids: More questions than answers

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CHICAGO -- The city's most powerful and senior alderman says he did nothing wrong.

Federal agents raided 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke's ward and city hall offices Thursday.

Friday, Burke declined to shed light on what he knows about the raids.

“It’s been a long time for me in public life and I’ve been the subject of investigations in the past,” he said. “I’ve always fully cooperated. Clearly nothing has ever came of any of those. I’ll cooperate now.”

Following an event about a tech giant bringing jobs to Chicago, reporters peppered Mayor Rahm Emanuel with questions about Burke.

But he responded, “You have a thousand questions, I have two thousand questions. What we both don't have is answers. And that's all I can say about it. It’s obviously significant.”

Emanuel was asked whether Burke should step down from that influential post.

“You're all getting ahead of yourselves,” he said. “My goal and my job is to focus on the future of the city of Chicago.”

Burke’s City Hall office was back open Friday. The brown paper federal agents had put up gone.

The feds aren’t saying what they took from Burke’s 14th Ward office or what they’re looking for. But the political fallout could be enormous.

Burke is facing four challengers for his 14th Ward seat, in a part of the city that has become more Hispanic during Burke’s five decade reign.

“I think that my campaign will be that I’ve done a good job,” Burke said. “That I have produced for the people that I represent and hopefully I’ll continue to do so.”

There was speculation that this raid could be related to work Burke’s law firm did for President Trump. But the investigation is being done with the U.S. Attorney Office in Chicago not Robert Mueller’s office.

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