Which storms had higher winds; the 1967 Big Snow or the 2011 Groundhog Blizzard?

Dear Tom,

Which storms had higher winds; the 1967 Big Snow or the 2011 Groundhog Blizzard?


Dear Todd,

We passed your question on to Chicago weather historian Frank Wachowski, who personally measured the snow and wind gusts in both storms. Wachowski noted that while the January 26-27, 1967 Big Snow produced a bit more snow than the January 31-February 2, 2011 Groundhog Blizzard- 23.0 inches as compared to 21.2 inches- the 2011 storm produced significantly stronger winds. The official peak gust measured at Midway Airport during the 1967 storm was 53 mph, while in the 2011 storm, the official maximum gust at O’Hare was 61 mph. Other wind gusts recorded in that storm included 70 mph at the Chicago Lakefront, 67 mph at Burns Harbor, 63 mph at Waukegan Harbor, 61 mph at Pontiac, 59 mph at both Aurora and Romeoville and 58 mph at Midway Airport.

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