Video shows Uber driver’s fatal attack on taxi driver in West Loop

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Some viewers could find this video disturbing. Discretion is advised.

CHICAGO — A family is demanding justice after newly-released surveillance video shows a fatal confrontation between a taxi driver and an Uber driver in the West Loop three months ago.

“These images will haunt me the rest of my life,” said son Rehman Tungekar. “As his life literally poured out of him, he was alone. During his final conscious moments, he wasn’t surrounded by the people who loved him. Instead by strangers.”

The video shows the moments after a verbal altercation between 64-year-old cab driver Anis Tungekar and an as-yet-unnamed Uber driver on September 2. After complaining that the Uber driver damaged his side view mirror, Tungekar turns away from the parked car and begins walking towards his taxi. Then the Uber driver steps out of his car, approaches Tungekar from behind, and roundhouse kicks him in the head. He falls to the ground, striking his head on the ground.

According to the family's attorney Michael Gallagher, Good Samaritans ran to Tungekar's aid and tried to prevent the Uber driver from leaving the scene. He suffered brain damage from the impact, and later died in Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Chicago police brought an individual in for questioning but released him within 48 hours, even though the violent incident is classified as a homicide.

Loved ones are looking for witnesses who may have seen the incident and can identify the driver to police.

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