Owner of suburban car dealership closes shop, leaves customers with few answers

WGN Investigates

ROSELLE, Ill. — Buying a car is never easy, but what should’ve been a simple deal turned into a headache for one man. Chris Knoll was in the market for a used vehicle when he found Clover Motors in Roselle. He paid $6,500 for a 2007 Ford Escape.

“I figure go to a small mom and pop shop and help out local economy, local mechanic who’s flipping cars would be a good thing," Knoll said.

When he tried to replace his temporary plates, he was told that fees hadn’t been paid to the Secretary of State’s Office. After that, his 2007 was repossessed and the dealership had shut down without warning.

Knoll’s complaint wasn’t the only one. The owner of Clover Motors, Chris Hargrove, has now been cited 10 times for failing to transfer titles. When the Secretary of State’s Office caught up with him he said he used the money to pay for other transactions.

Hargrove will appear in court Nov. 27.

There is some help for customers. The Dealer Trust Recovery Fund was set up to help customers when a dealership goes out of business.

For more information, visit the illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/consumers.

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