What do the the numerous abbreviations for computer forecast models mean?

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Dear Tom,

I often see numerous abbreviations in your weather forecasting such as HRRR and RPM. It would be interesting to know what they all mean.

Ken Mueller

Dear Ken,

A plethora of computer forecast models are available to meteorologists and almost all of them are referred to by acronyms and as a result, weather discussions often resemble a bowl of alphabet soup. Without elaboration or explanation, a list of some of the most widely used models follow…

RPM Rapid Precision Mesoscale
HRRR High Resolution Rapid Refresh
NGM Nested Grid Model
NAM North American Mesoscale
ECMF European Center Medium-Range Forecasts
GFS Global Forecast System
GFDL Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
UKMET United Kingdom Met Office
HWRF Hurricane Weather Research Model
NOGAPS Navy Operational Global Prediction System
SREF Short Range Ensemble Forecast
WRF Weather Research and Forecasting
JMA Japanese Meteorological Agency

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