North Carolina city bans classic Halloween candy because ‘no one likes them’

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A North Carolina city has “banned” a classic Halloween candy because “no one likes them,” according to WGHP.

Last week, the City of High Point posted to Facebook and Twitter that the “City of High Point Emperor of Acceptable Candy” — which, apparently, is a real thing — has banned peanut butter kisses on Halloween.

The city posted:

“Alright everybody, we’re giving you a one-week notice as you prepare for trick-or-treaters to remind y’all that by order of the City of High Point Emperor of Acceptable Candy (it’s a real thing), these are banned. No one likes them, don’t give them out.”

By Halloween morning, the Facebook post was shared more than 900 times, drew in more than 350 comments and more than 1,200 likes, laughs and hearts. The city later posted on Facebook that, obviously, “”

They added, however, “We’re just saying maybe you won’t be the most popular house on the street if you hand these out.”

The news of the “ban” has been noted by MunchiesThrillist, the Today show.

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