Construction workers shoot nail gun at dogs to try and stop attack

CHICAGO — After two dogs jumped over a fence and began attacking a man on the South Side Wednesday morning, neighbors say a construction crew working nearby attempted to help by shooting a nail gun at them.

According to police, a man was walking down an alley on the 5900 block of S. Marshfield Avenue in West Englewood around 11 a.m. Wednesday when the two dogs broke free from their leashes and jumped over a fence towards him. After the dogs started biting the man on both arms, witnesses say a board-up crew working nearby shot a nail gun at the animals, but they were not deterred.

After the attack, the man was taken to St. Bernard Hospital in stable condition. Officers arriving on the scene issued seven citations to the owner of the dogs, and Chicago Animal Care and Control removed both animals.

The owner relinquishes two dogs to Chicago Animal Care and Control after they allegedly attacked a man on the South Side.

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