What was the high temp for Halloween in 1990?

Dear Tom,

I recall an exceptionally warm Halloween in the early 90’s. I went trick or treating with my daughter in shirt sleeves! Kids were in costume without wearing parkas!

Could you research the high temp for that day?

Greg Prost

Dear Greg,
You are remembering the spectacularly mild 1990 Halloween when the mercury peaked at a balmy 73 degrees, steadily rising from a morning low of 42. It was a sunny day with brisk south-southwest winds, providing ideal weather for trick-or-treaters. It was the warmest Halloween in the 1990s, surpassing the 69-degree high in 1999 and the 65 in 1997. The city’s warmest Halloween dates back to 1950 when the mercury surged to a very warm 84. In sharp contrast, the city’s coldest Halloween occurred nearly a century and a half ago in 1873, on a snowy day with a high of just 31 and a low of 23.