Midday Fix: Winter car maintenance tips and details on the upcoming Wheels for Women event

Robert Jacobs, Owner of Central Chicago Tire



Wheels for Women

Tuesday, October 30th

6:30-9:00 p.m.

Chicago Central Tire

7829 W Grand Avenue

Elmwood Park, IL


  • Be sure your tires have a healthy tread that will disperse ice, slush, and snow.
  • Tires should be properly inflated, and pressure should be monitored as it will change as the temperature changes.
  • To ensure windshield visibility throughout the winter, make sure to have functioning wiper blades that do not streak when being used.
  • To avoid your gas from freezing, always keep your gas tank at least half full
  • Always keep the following tools in your car should you experience a flat tire – wheel lock key, lug wrench, spare tire, and car jack.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car that includes the following should you become stranded – water, snacks, blanket, flashlight, and batteries.
  • Become a member to a roadside assistance program or adding it through your insurance.