Man who won’t be ‘bullied’ by Comcast holds up neighborhood internet upgrade

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LAFAYETTE, Colo. — A backyard dispute is keeping residents of one Colorado neighborhood from getting an internet upgrade.

Lafayette resident Andrew O'Connor is refusing to allow Comcast access to his backyard to install fiber optic cables unless he gets paid. O'Connor said Comcast workers were unprofessional when the company first approached him several months ago to install the upgrade. Since then, Comcast told O'Connor's neighbors he's the reason they aren't seeing faster speeds.

O'Connor now says he wants much more than an apology: He wants cold hard cash.

According to O'Connor, Comcast was given exclusive rights by city officials to install fiber optic cables in Lafayette, Colorado. He does not want the company on his private property and said he is blocking workers on principle.

"It’s about a big corporation bullying people and trying to run over people," O'Connor said.

In a statement, Comcast said: "We have an existing franchise agreement with the City [sic] that gives us clear authority to access valid rights of way and easements to maintain or upgrade our infrastructure to ensure our customers’ broadband and communications services are not negatively impacted. We are working directly with the City [sic] to enforce those rights, and to educate this resident so we can complete our work in the area."

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