Pipe bomb suspect may have threatened Rep. Gutierrez

CHICAGO — The investigation continues into the man suspected of sending mail bombs to prominent democrats.

Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Florida is in custody and charged with five federal crimes.

The FBI says fingerprints and DNA tie him to explosives and that those IEDs were no hoax.

Sayoc’s van was plastered in pro-Trump stickers and the faces of top Democrats framed in targets.

A Twitter account linked to Sayoc has been suspended. But there was a series of tweets targeting Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez last month. One of them with jumbled language said, in part, "We will find you very soon. Remember hug your loved ones real close.”

Gutierrex responded in a statement saying:

I am thankful for the brave men and women of the FBI, the US Postal Service and all of the national and local law enforcement that played a role in making an arrest in this case.  This underscores why it is so important to support law enforcement who protect us and protect our democratic system.

I am used to death threats and they are not going to stop me or slow me down in anyway.  When my home was firebombed in 1984, I rushed my wife out and carried my daughter out of our home before it burned to the ground.  My wife and I were scared but never deterred.  That crime was never solved, so I am pleased that the current string of mail bombs appear to be moving towards a resolution.

Because we are not sure that all of the devices have been identified and neutralized, my staff and my family are continuing to take every possible precaution to protect ourselves.