Cubs fan carves a 2016 World Series championship ring pumpkin

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Robert Greenfield of Toronto, Canada created a replica of the Chicago Cubs' World Series championship ring on a pumpkin.

CHICAGO – During the month of October, many people show off their creative side when it comes to their Halloween decorations.

That’s especially true with pumpkin, which can take on a number of different looks based on a person’s interests.

One Cubs fan in Toronto decided to pay tribute to his favorite team with an elaborate tribute to their first championship in 108 years.


Chicago-native Robert Greenfield posted video and pictures of the pumpkin he carved that resembles the Cubs’ World Series championship ring. It’s detailed like the one given to the Cubs’ players, from the front design to the sides and even the “We Never Quit” theme on the sides.

Greenfield said that he carved the pumpkin on Sunday during the Bears’ game with the Patriots, finishing it in four hours.

“.The carving is actually fairly quick — the most time-consuming part is tracing the design onto the pumpkin with transfer paper (sort of like carbon paper),” said Greenfield via message. “Once that’s done, I then use a power tool (Dremel rotary tool) to trace the design. I just used a regular old power drill and bit to drill the “diamonds” so that was easy enough.”


Greenfield used former reliever Justin Grimm’s name and number of the ring, choosing to do so since his nickname is the “Grimm Reaper,” which is quite fitting for Halloween. The same goes from this pumpkin, which shows this Cubs’ fans creativity during this late October holiday season.

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