Midday Fix: The dos & don’ts of pet Halloween costumes

Amber Walker, Owner and Dog Expert at Animal Intuitions


What to look for in a dog costume:


-Tails and ears and eyes should not be covered, tangled, or pinned.

-Should be loose enough to freely move but not too big for tripping.

-Never ride a dog as part of the costume (or ever!). This can lead to early arthritis and overall pain.

Overcome or prevent fear of costume:

-Introduce your dog to the costume ahead of time.

-They should wear it in adult supervision only.

-Drape it loosely across their body to start.

-Put it on, take it off around the house prior to Halloween.

-Treat the dog while they are wearing the costume.

-Smooth out skin and fur under costume so it’s not pinched.

Keep the dogs safe and calm during Halloween by being proactive:

-Our human costumes can also be very scary so pairing treats with the humans wearing human costumes can help dogs stay safe.

-Keep your own face uncovered when around your dog.

-Halloween candy is unsafe for our dogs. Never feed a dog Halloween candy. If they find it on their own, they may need medical attention quickly.

-Trick or treat doorbells may get dogs worked up, so set up a proactive environment with gates and enrichment or put dog in another room.

-Dog should wear their identification collar and microchip throughout Halloween in case they get spooked and dart away.