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Has Chicago ever recorded a record high and a record low on the same day?

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Dear Tom,
Has Chicago ever recorded a record high and a record low on the same day?

Pamela Sawusch

Dear Pamela,
It’s never happened here, even though Chicago’s variable weather does bring extremes of both heat and cold. However, this rare meteorological event has been documented numerous times, mainly in the higher elevations of the West. It almost always requires an arid environment coupled with unlimited sunshine to boost the afternoon high, and clear skies and light winds to enable nighttime temperatures to plummet. Through 2000, Weatherwise magazine found just nine such occurrences in more than a century of records, but then a rash of them were logged during a western U.S. drought in August 2002. Park City, Utah, did it three times in one week (Aug. 11, 13 and 15) and Alamosa, Colo., achieved it on Aug. 25 and 26 and in Safford, Ariz. It happened on Aug. 25.

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