Rahm Emanuel gives final budget address as Chicago mayor

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CHICAGO -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel spelled out his final Chicago city budget Wednesday morning.

The budget includes millions in new funding for the police. There is also money set aside for investments in summer jobs, mentoring, and basic services like rodent control, tree trimming and garbage cart replacement.

Prior budgets brought property tax increases and higher fees and fines so the city could pay more toward public employee pension funds.

“Getting the city back on track has not been a walk in the park, and by no means is our work finished,” Emanuel said. “But that does not mean we should undersell the journey we took and the work we did in this chamber. We took tough votes. You demonstrated political courage.”

The $10.66 billion budget includes a $175 million tax-increment-financing (TIF) surplus.

More than half of that goes toward Chicago Public Schools.

Among the additional investments is a $25.7 million payment toward a consent decree for the Chicago Police Department.That money will pay for more supervisors, training, evidence technicians, and detectives.

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