Classic truck restored as mobile flower store with a mission

CHICAGO -- Flowers will brighten anyone's day, but an old truck is now on a new mission to deliver life-changing opportunities for young people at the same time.

A year ago, Carolyn Marcotte approached her friend Rachel Haller with an idea: turn a classic 1962 long bed Chevy truck into a flower truck.

"I came from a big farm family and my uncles and grandpa drove these around," Marcotte said.

Dubbed  Youth and Yarrow, the mobile shop does more than sell flowers: it also donates fifteen percent of its profits toward college scholarships and mentorship programs for young people.

"It was a choice: choosing every day to put generosity forward in our business," Marcotte said. "It's our way of supporting those that are not being resourced as I believed they should. These young people are the world changers."

The little blue truck may not be the most profitable flower shop in town, but street corner by corner, it's changing the landscape.

"We hope people choose to buy from us on the street corner because they know it's going to be something larger than just a flower shop," Marcotte said.