Watch Chance the Rapper surprise Chicagoans as undercover Lyft driver

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CHICAGO — Chance the Rapper took a spin around Chicago as an undercover Lyft driver — and it was all for good cause.

The Chicago-based rapper and philanthropist disguised himself with a knit hat, tight sunglasses and the alias of “John from Chicago” for Lyft’s celebrity YouTube video series “Undercover Lyft.”

In the video released Monday, Chance makes conversation with his passengers, mumbling wisecracks and references to his identity before eventually whipping off his glasses and pulling out a fuchsia pink “3” hat to reveal himself.

Chance and his nonprofit SocialWorks are partnering with Lyft to ask riders to support Chicago Public Schools through Round Up and Donate, Lyft’s feature that allows users to donate to charities like New Chance: Arts & Literature Fund. 

SocialWorks has donated millions of dollars to CPS through different fundraisers and campaigns. Chance said in an Oct. 4 summit that 20 additional schools would receive grants in the coming year, according to the Tribune.

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