Family grieving after 3-year-old boy, 2 others killed in multi-car crash in South Side

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CHICAGO -- A family is grieving after a 3-year-old boy, his father and his father’s friend were killed in four-car accident following a police chase Monday night. Three other people were injured in the accident.

Cabari Turner, 3, Antonio Cowan, 24, and Chrishawn Turner, 25, were killed after a car accident on 69th Street and Loomis Boulevard around 7 p.m. in the Englewood neighborhood. The 3-year-old was ejected from the back seat of a car after the car he was in was hit by a man running from police.

Police said they saw a silver-colored sedan traveling at a high speed and driving erratically on 69th Street. They turned on their lights and followed the car, which continued driving eastbound on 69th Street. Police then stopped following the vehicle. The car kept going and failed to stop at a red light at Loomis Boulevard and struck a vehicle. Police said the impact caused that vehicle to strike two other cars that were stopped at the light.

Cynthia Turner, the boy’s grandmother and Chrishawn Turner's mother, is asking why this happened to her family.

“I’m just asking God, 'Why? Out of six people that were in the accident, why did you take Crishawn? Why did you take Cabari?'” she said.

Turner was driving to the store with his childhood friend, Cowan. Turner’s kids were in the backseat. Shamari, a 2-year-old girl, was the only survivor.

“I’ve always been there for my son. And for something to happen to him and I can't go get him, I want to go get him and bring him home to me. I want my baby,” Cynthia Turner said.

Two others were injured including a 43-year-old woman, who was transported to an area hospital for neck and back pain. Shatorry Jessup was the other woman injured in the crash. She suffered a minor concussion, but her boyfriend and 6-year-old son who were in the car with her were not injured. She said she thanked God that she and her family were spared.

"We heard just like a 'boom' and then car next to us was getting hit and then before you knew it, it was coming over to us," she said. "I'm so, so, so deeply sorry for the ones that didn't make it. It's so unfortunate."

Police and witnesses said the driver they believe who caused the crash ran away. Police said they found a gun and empty shell casings in the abandoned car. No one is in custody.

“Basically it started with gun violence and then went into something else. Now you had innocent people that had nothing to do with anything, kids that had a whole life ahead of them and they’re gone. Yeah, that upset me as a mother,” Jessup said.

Jessup said she’s also upset that her 6-year-old son had to see a lifeless body lying in the streets.

Crishawn Turner and his son will be buried together and will be dressed alike. The funeral is scheduled for Oct. 13.

“Chrishawn always said he’s never going to leave here without his son. He’s never going to leave his son. Wherever he goes, his son is going to go. They said my son passed away first and then my grandbaby, so I look at it like, he took his son with him," Cynthia Turner said.

The investigation is ongoing.

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