Marie Tillman, CEO & Co-Founder of Mac & Mia

As a working mom, Marie Tillman struggled to find beautiful, high-quality clothing options without spending a lot of time in the stores with her kids. Mac & Mia was created as Marie began to discover and curate unique styles from her boutique brands around the world. Today, Mac & Mia is growing faster than ever and is extremely popular across the country.

Marie has taken on numerous roles in her life and is also a major supporter and advocate for stay at home moms. Part of what makes Mac & Mia special is that it's stylists and sales teams are made up of hundreds of stay-at-home-mothers, many of whom are from Chicago and surrounding areas. For Marie, helping stay-at-home-mothers transition back to work or helping them understand that with innovation in technology and companies like Mac & Mia that offer virtual jobs, women no longer have to make a decision between staying at home to raise children and having a fulfilling career.

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