From the science lab to careers in health care, teacher prepares students for future

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CHICAGO -- The first Teacher of the Month for the 2018-2019 school year helps prepare her students for careers in healthcare.

Kristian Coerper’s classes are rigorous. The curriculum she teaches at Kenwood Academy on the Chicago’s South Side stems from Project: Lead the Way, a national program focused on biomedical sciences.

“That very cliché saying, ‘This is our future,’ but this is our future in science,” Coerper said. “You want them to be able to actually save the world. If this is going to be your doctor or your nurse or your pharmacist, you want them to know this material.”

For Cameron Moore, who nominated Coerper for teacher of the month, the instruction has played a critical role in shaping her plans for the future.

“I definitely believe I belong in this class because, for a long time, I’ve had aspiration to become a doctor. And I think this is the perfect class to give me the foundation to go on to medical school,” she said. “She supports all of us and she holds us to the highest standards.”

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