More Latinos are entering the tech world

CHICAGO -- Young Latinos are exposed to the tech world more than ever before. But for years, Latinos and African-Americans made up less than ten percent of the tech workforce.

In Chicago, there is a push to get more Latinos involved in the industry. Tech incubators are generating a lot of buzz with small start-ups using them to launch their business.  One of those incubators is Berwyn Tech in Berwyn, Illinois.

"You’re going to see a large spike, a big boom," Berwyn Tech's Xavier Hernandez said. "Latinos are emerging themselves in tech.”

Meanwhile, the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has its own LatinX incubator. In just a few years, they’ve generated 39 Latino entrepreneurs and raised $2 million and created 85 jobs.

A lot of studies are being done on the impact Latinos could have on the tech world since it is one of the fastest growing demographics. Some analysts predict that diversity efforts could net the IT industry $400 billion in revenue each year.