Sunday Brunch: 3 Egg Deconstructed Crawfish Omelet

Chef Derek Rylon from Frances’ Deli in Lincoln Park showed viewers how to make a Crawfish Omelet.

Frances' Deli
2552 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614

3 Egg Deconstructed Crawfish Omelet

3 oz of Fresh Crawfish 1 Green Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
1 Red Pepper
3 whole Eggs
1/2 oz Cheddar Bacon Cheese 2 pinches of Cajun Seasoning 1 tbs of Olive Oil

Crawfish Sauce
3 oz of crawfish shells 2 cups of water
1 tsp of Minced Garlic 1 tsp of rosemary
1  tsp thyme
2  pinch of salt
2 pinch of pepper
1 tsp of Cajun Seasoning


Rinse of Peppers, and Cut Julienne Style, Sauté in 1tbs of pure Olive Oil until al dente. Add Crawfish with garlic, salt, pepper and cajun seasoning

Then add crawfish sauce. (Save a little to drizzle on omelet.)Cook for 2 minutes. Directions for Sauce are Below.

 Crack three eggs in a bowl.  Mix eggs with salt and pepper.

Take 1tbs of olive oil and pour into non-stick pan. Add

Egg mix into pan to make 3 egg omelet. Before folding Omelet add Cheddar bacon cheese to center of Omelet.

Take Omelet and add to your plate.

Pour Crawfish and Tri-colored Peppers on top of Omelet and add drizzle of Crawfish sauce on top.

Crawfish sauce

Boil Shells from crawfish for 15 min in 2 cups of water, seasoned with garlic rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper and cajun seasoning. Strain sauce to remove shells. Set aside for Omelet.