Friday’s high temps already in the books as cold front moves through the Chicago area this morning

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Winds are beginning to shift from south to west early this Friday morning, as a strong cold front sweeps through the Chicago area.  The band of showers and thunderstorms preceding the frontal boundary has already moved south and east of Chicago (see Regional weather radar mosaic below).

Temperatures are falling off what will be today’s highs – the lower 80s recorded just after midnight. Readings will run in the 70s this morning and then the colder air will ride west to northwest winds into northern Illinois this afternoon, dropping temperatures into the 60s.

Following is a list of local airport daily highs and 6AM CDT temperatures…

Location  / Midnight temp /  6AM temp

Midway         83                               78
O’Hare          83                               79
Rockford       82                               68
Aurora           82                               73
DuPage         81                               75
Palwaukee   84                               80
Freeport       79                               66
Morris           82                               77
Lansing          80                               73
DeKalb           79                               72
Waukegan    82                               79
Peru               82                               74
Rochelle        80                               69
Romeoville   81                               77


Regional Weather Radar Mosaic…

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