Singer, author Juliana Zobrist’s book on finding true confidence

Julianna Zobrist, author, inspirational speaker, pop music artist, fashion muse and popular social media influencer releases her new book titled “Pull It Off: Removing Your Fears And Putting On Confidence.”

Through her unique sense of individualism, Zobrist was inspired to write “Pull It Off,” as she is constantly asked, “how do you pull it off?” – being a mother of three, recording artist, fashion muse (appearing at events for Gucci, Burberry, NY Fashion Week and others, styling her own shoots and events), charitable advocate, inspirational speaker and the wife of Chicago Cubs World Series MVP Ben Zobrist.

“Pull It Off” is designed to inspire people from all ages and walks of life who share a common humanity, and a need to understand their true identity. The powerful new book reflects Zobrist’s highly embraced message, which she consistently expresses through her popular social media platforms, and encourages others to release themselves from what she calls the “shoulding” and expectations of people, culture and society.

Zobrist, who appears regularly before diverse audiences, recently appeared before members of Congress, has sat before two U.S. presidents and performed at multiple World Series and regular season MLB games, shares her down to earth and heartfelt personal stories in “Pull It Off.” The 13-chapter collection showcases her authentic anecdotes and straight up sense, as she dynamically fuses the concepts of empowerment with vulnerability.

“So much of the book is driven by my desire for both women and men to push themselves to be who it is they want to be,” says Zobrist. “I want them to ask themselves, ‘What do you want to accomplish?’ You only have one life to live. What is it that you want to pull off?”

In “Pull It Off,” Zobrist unveils her signature phrase “Don’t Should on Me” -- how you should look; what you should say; how you should parent -- a concept that helps people understand a better way to express their opinions.  Instead of conforming to societal demands especially on women reflective of today’s society, she inspires others to have the confidence to stand strong to one’s inner self.

“Pull It Off” features hard-won truths and revelations by a woman who has learned enough about herself and the world to help others break through conformative ways of thinking. “My hope is that others will find the same freedom to confront and dismiss the ‘shoulds,’ lean into their unique gifts, and live a courageous, confident and brilliant life!” she says.

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