Amateur gardener surprised by massive 11-foot tomato plant, plans to go for record

CHICAGO — Dan Olofsson never really considered himself a green thumb, but after this fall he is reconsidering his own talents.

The knee-high tomato vine he planted this spring is now soaring to the sky at just over 11 feet. It's so tall that Olofsoon has had to jimmy rig several structures to support it.

"Seems like every couple days I come out here it's another seven inches taller. One time it grew almost six inches overnight!" Olofsson said.

The plant is now so tall he has to climb a ladder just to pick the cherry tomatoes from the top. For weeks, he has been gifting his hearty bounty of tomatoes to neighbors and canning the rest.

Olofsoon isn't sure why he has had so much luck. The soil he planted it in is somewhat rocky and he hasn't used any chemical fertilizers.

"I'm pretty proud of it. There's a World Record of 23 feet and I think if I built the structure tall enough with scaffolding next year, I have a shot at that record," Olofsoon said.

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