91-year-old remains in ICU after attack in Chinatown

CHICAGO – An elderly man who was beaten in an attack in Chicago’s Chinatown Tuesday remains in intensive care.  A person is in custody and charges are pending.

91-year-old Yen Jit Wong was attacked near 24th Street and Wentworth Avenue around noon on Tuesday.

His grandson Jacky Lau told WGN News Wong remains in ICU and has he’s gotten weaker.  He is less vocal and not able to swallow.  Doctors are still doing scans and tests.  They say the fact that he was healthy and vibrant before the attack has helped, but he facing a long recovery.

“His head hit the ground first, followed by his right shoulder,” Lau said. “This not only caused internal bleeding in his head but also broke his collarbone.”

Lau is at a loss for who would hurt his grandfather.

“What kind of monster targets a defenseless elderly man? He’s 91 years old.”

Cook County sheriff’s deputy Eddie Garcia was working in the area of the attack with the sheriff’s “work alternative” program Tuesday around noon when he saw the suspect standing over Wong and a woman screaming hysterically.

“He actually turned around and began to walk away like if nothing happened, maybe as to not bring attention to himself,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he immediately went to attend to Wong who was awake and breathing, but not talking. He called for back-up and a paramedic.  An off-duty Chicago police officer who was also in the area helped to capture the suspect.

As Wong continues his recovery, his family is angry and horrified, but they also have a message to for the people who helped him.

“My family thanks you and we are ever so grateful,” Lau said.

Wong’s family said they want the suspect prosecuted to the fullest.  They also say they want the Chinese community to step up and be more vocal.  The family feels the community is being targeted because they typically tend to be more timid.


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