When critters invade suburban homes, this couple returns them to the wild

It's the time of year when wild animals seek out warmer homes for the winter, even if it means sneaking their way into the attics and crawl spaces of their suburban neighbors.

Whenever critters get inside, Brad and Katy Lundsteen answer the call to capture them, making a booming business chasing down skunks, raccoons and wild geese for the last three decades.

"Just yesterday we picked up five different skunks, at least eight opossums, a few squirrels and one groundhog," Brad Lundsteen said.

This time of year is already busy, and many suburbs are also dealing with what's been described as "skunk epidemics" for the last few years, giving even more business to Suburban Wildlife Control. Whatever the call, Brad and Katy answer, setting traps for the wild critters and then relocating them to a Kane County wildlife sanctuary.

"People get into a panic when they realized that have wild animals habituating in their home," Lungsteen said. "I love this job because we go away at the end of the day feeling like we not only helped animals but people too."

They love the job so much, Brad and Katy even started posting snippets of their captures to YouTube over the past few years.

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