Wilmette school searched after loaded firearms found in student’s home

WILMETTE, Ill. – A suburban school was searched after loaded firearms were found in a student's bedroom, according to officials.

On Saturday, a parent of a Wilmette Junior High School student contacted the police after finding loaded firearms in the child's bedroom. When officers arrived, they secured the firearms.

Police said during the investigation, they learned the student had been experimenting with possible explosive devices. The Cook County Bomb Unit was contacted to conduct a protective sweep of the school out of caution, police said in a release.

Police said there is no information that indicates a threat against students, staff or the school.

A previously scheduled meeting with parents took place at the school Monday night. Many are praising the parents of the student found with the guns for quickly reaching out to police.

The student, who WGN is not identifying, was not arrested, but police said he is getting treatment at a secure facility.

The guns were legally owned by other relatives who thought they were locked up.