Lincoln Towing’s license revoked by Illinois Commerce Commission

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CHICAGO -- The Illinois Commerce Commission has revoked the license of Lincoln Towing.

The ruling came after an unanimous vote Wednesday.

ICC staffers presented evidence Lincoln Towing engaged in more 800 unauthorized tows.  But an administrative law judge found the investigation flawed.

Wednesday the full commerce commission revoked Lincoln’s license anyway writing, “Lincoln Towing Service has not conducted its business with honesty and integrity.”

Read the full statement from the chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission here.

Lincoln’s lawyer Allen Perl said the infamous towing firm is far from finished.

“You haven’t heard the last of Lincoln Towing,” he said. “We believe that the judge got it right in her 22-page order where she stated those 832 tows were not unauthorized tows.  And that the ICC’s own witness said they weren’t because there was no investigation.  There were just inconsistencies.”

“If you park illegally, you should get towed.  No one argues that,” 47th Ward Ald. Ameya Pawar said.  “But when you get towed and go to pick up your car and it’s damaged, or you’re attacked with a pipe, or threatened, or abused, that is beyond the pale.  That is why Lincoln Towing need to go.”

Lincoln continued towing cars Wednesday as they waited to be formally served with the revocation order.  Even when that happens, Lincoln’s lawyer tells WGN he’ll go to court and ask for a temporary restraining order allowing the towing company to continue operating while it appeals.

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