Cupich meets with Chicago area priests to discuss Catholic Church sex abuse allegations

MUNDELEIN, Ill. -- Cardinal Blase Cupich met with area priests at Mundelein Seminary Wednesday night, because of the on-going, and ever-growing sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

Just one day before Pope Francis plans to meet with a group of United States bishops to discuss how to prevent sex abuse in the Catholic Church Cupich called on clergy in the Chicago area to meet and discuss the same topic.

“We're proud of the way we have handled this situation we're transparent giving all our documents over to authorities we have the safest child protection program in this city in this diocese I would dare anybody to come forward and match what we have,” Cupich said.

In recent months, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick stepped down, after a series of sexual abuse allegations. Washington’s Cardinal Donald Wuerl has indicated he will soon discuss his resignation with the pope after the release of a Pennsylvania grand jury report, which found that some 300 priests abused more than a thousand children since the 1940s, and that a string of bishops in six dioceses covered up for them, including Wuerl.

“I wish I could redo everything over these 20 years and each time get it always right,” Wuerl said.

Some Catholic Church members WGN spoke with said they are pleased with the attention the church is giving this issue.

"I think they're addressing it and doing the best they can and all you can do is hope the people affected can heal and get better and is not a cycle that continues,” Paula Jaramillo, a parishioner, said.