How long before the ocean begins to recede in South Carolina?

Dear Tom,
I have friends who have a house on the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. Their house was severely damaged by a hurricane a long time ago and now they are losing land because the ocean is encroaching. How long will this continue before the ocean begins to recede?

Troy Vonsh,

Dear Troy,
Your friends face an unfortunate situation that has no solution. The threat of hurricanes is ongoing and it is a risk faced by all those (in the U.S.) who reside near the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

The rising ocean level is a problem that is becoming progressively more acute, world-wide, and that will continue. Melting land ice and thermal expansion of warming ocean water are causing the rise, with no end in sight. Current projections of sea level rise range from two (conservatively) to eight feet by 2100, with further rises continuing after that.

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