Mayor Emanuel pushes for full-day pre-K after he leaves office

CHICAGO -- A day after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he will not seek re-election, there are questions about the future of several programs and projects important to him.

The mayor traveled to Brownell Elementary School, 6741 S. Michigan, to check on one of his top educational priorities.

He was talking up universal pre-K which accommodates 3,700 students.

The mayor wants the plan up and running for all 4-year-olds by 2021, but by then he won’t be in office.

The mayor says he’s confident whoever steps into his role will support it.

"The political imperative now that we’ve set the seeds for it...I don’t see the next governor or the senate president or speaker not wanting to see that, and I think you’re going to have a city council that’s going to speak up for all the city of Chicago, not just children whose parents can advocate for them,"  he said.

Mayor Emanuel also mentioned he plans to secure the capital investment needed to ensure this program before he leaves office.



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