Former Naperville mayor George Pradel in hospice, family says

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Former Naperville mayor George Pradel is now in hospice care.

The Pradel family shared a letter saying the 80- year- old, who served 20 years as Naperville’s mayor, was admitted to the hospital several weeks ago, “suffering from severe pain in his back and neck.”

Doctors found a cancerous tumor. The cancer quickly spread to his whole body.

The letter continues:

Unfortunately, he is in too much pain to have visitors. We are trying to make him comfortable as he drifts in and out of consciousness. Because of this, our remaining time with him is very precious. We want to thank everyone who has shown respect and love for our father and our family by giving us privacy and time alone with him.

Words cannot express our appreciation for your prayers, thoughts, and well-wishes. Dad told us how much this means to him. If you know George, you know he would like to be available to everyone right now. But since that’s not possible, we created this website.

They also created an online guest book.

His children are trying to keep him comfortable as they spend time with him.

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