Suburban couple injured at Jacksonville tournament when gunman opened fire

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COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, Ill. -- A Chicago area couple who was at the Madden video game tournament at the Jacksonville Landing when a gunman opened fire, shared their story with WGN.

The couple, who is from Country Club Hills, said they had a chilling and very close encounter with the gunman, who police identified as 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore. They said it was the very last place they thought they would be running for their lives.

Marquis Williams and his girlfriend, Taylor Poindexter, are back home and recovering from their injuries after the shooting. They said their injuries are minor. They were hurt in the stampede to get out.

The couple said their thoughts are with the victims and their families, but also with the larger issue of gun control.

Taylor "spotmeplzzz" Robertson (left) and Eli "trueboy" Clayton, 22, were shot and killed while participating in a Madden gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.

"I honestly feel like our politicians are failing us," Williams said. "I feel like this problem could have been solved a long time ago. Quite frankly, I'm at the point right now I say just get rid of the guns. Nobody needs one."

They said they would be willing to go to another event, as long as there is better security.

They said from where they were on Sunday, they could see the gunman, in silhouette, firing around the room.

"...and I'm running but I'm looking back for her and I don't see her and I'm screaming her name," Williams said.

David Katz attended a tournament in Jacksonville on Sunday for competitive players of Madden, a football video game. Katz brought a gun into the venue, the GLHF Game Bar, in the back of a pizza restaurant, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said. Katz opened fire and killed two people, wounded nine others and turn the gun on himself, the sheriff said.

The gunman opened fire at an online video game tournament that was being livestreamed from Chicago Pizza inside the Jacksonville Landing on Sunday, authorities said.

Sheriff Mike Williams said a total of 12 people were shot, including two who were killed.

"The suspect carried two handguns and extra ammunition into the establishment with him. However at this point we believe that he only fired one handgun during the incident," Williams said.

Katz died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said. Katz's court records revealed a history of mental illness. As a teen he was hospitalized in psychiatric facilities at least twice.

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