Was it unusual to have so many consecutive days of snow in Harvey last winter?

Dear Tom,

I live in Harvey and last winter we had many consecutive days of snow. Was that unusual?

Jerlene Harris

Dear Jerlene,

You are referring to Chicago’s record-tying string of nine consecutive days of measurable snowfall last winter from February 3-11 when the city logged 18.3 inches of snow, which was more than half of the entire season’s 36.1 inch total. During that nine-day period the greatest daily snowfall was 6.2 inches on February 9 and the least 0.2 inches on February 6. When the snow blitz ended, the area’s snowpack topped 20 inches in many locations. It was a very unusual event, occurring only twice before- January 29-February 6, 1902 and again from January 6-14, 2009. The 2009 episode produced a similar 18.0 inches of snow, while in 1902 the snowfall totaled just 5.0 inches.

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