Luis Medina is back on Sports Feed to talk Cubs and Bears

CHICAGO - It's a time for great intrigue for the baseball team on the North Side and the football team that was in Lake Forest and is now headed to Bourbonnais.

The Cubs have a struggling rotation at the moment as their ace is struggling to find his grove and haven't had Kris Bryant in the lineup for a few weeks. Yet they continue to sit at the top of the National League as the middle of August approaches.

Meanwhile the Bears are making their way through a long preseason as they get used to the new style and scheme of head coach Matt Nagy.

Luis Medina of Bleacher Nation is following both teams closely and discusses them on Sports Feed on Sunday night. He talked about the Cubs' chance for another playoff berth along with the storylines for the new look Bears with Josh Frydman and Andy Masur.

You can watch Luis' segments on Sunday's show in the video above or below.