Showers/thunderstorms weakening as they track southeast – a few weather reports

As the cold front moves through northern Illinois, the band of showers and thunderstorms appears to be slowly weakening this evening. The band of storms is moving south, while individual cells have more of a southeasterly trajectory. There will be some locally gusty winds to 30-35 mph, vivid lightning and a few brief heavy downpours – fewer and weaker storms as the evening go on.

As of 8:30PM CDT there have been only a few reports of significant weather …

  • Most rainfall reports were under an inch, but 2.18-inches was reported at Waukegan as of 6:55PM CDT
  • Trees were reported down near The Town of Pines in Porter County Indiana at 6:45PM CDT
  • Marine winds of 40 mph were recorded South-southeast of Beach Park in Lake County, IL at 5PM CDT and over water northeast of The Town of Pines in Porter County 47 mph winds were recorded at 6:28PM CDT
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