Sunday Brunch: Chesapeake Crab Stir-Fry

 The general manager of honeygrow shared one of his favorite recipes.






Egg White Noodles                  5 oz. ea.

Old Bay Broth                           4 oz./order

Canola oil                                  1/2 oz./order

Garlic-Chopped                        1/4 tsp. (dime size)/order

Suntan Bell Peppers-Diced     2 oz./order

Red Onions-Diced                    2 oz./order

Scallions-Sliced                         1 oz./order

Grape Tomatoes                       2 oz./order

Blue Crab Meat                         2 oz./order

Italian Parsley-Chopped          1 tsp.

Old Bay Seasoning                    2 shakes




  1. Cook noodles in rapidly boiling unsalted water for 1 min. 15 seconds.
    1. “honeygrow uses noodles made of whole flours, and the wheat in them acts as good source of iron, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B6. Contrary to belief, noodles can be part of a wholesome meal. Did you know that this stir-fry only has 640 calories, but packs 25 grams of protein?”
  2. Heat wok for 3-4 minutes and add 1/2 oz. canola oil.
    1. “Woks heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly, so we recommend using a wok when tossing the noodles with ingredients to help everything cook properly.”
  3. Add Peppers, Onions, Grape tomatoes and Garlic and stir fry, moving the food around the non-stick wok with a rubber spatula.
  4. After 1 minute, add scallions and then broth.
  5. Once sauce is hot, (20 seconds), add noodles and stir.
  6. Plate noodles in bowl.
  7. Add Crab to top.
    1. “We don’t cook live crab in our restaurants, but we believe in serving the highest quality products possible. While our sauces, dressings are all housemade, for this crab dish, we recommend using ready-to-eat Phillips jumbo lump blue crab, so you can focus on the other elements the dish."
  8. Sprinkle with parsley and dust with Old Bay Seasoning.




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