Mother, daughter who came to US seeking refuge meet with loved ones in Chicago

As immigrant families were reunited on Thursday, another family – a mother and daughter who stayed together after crossing into the country, got to see their loved ones in Chicago. The joy is infectious, and it comes after great pain and fear.

A young mother fled Honduras after gangs threatened to take her daughter away. She escaped in the night and made the harrowing journey to America.

WGN met Karla and Maria in Texas where she told us she wasn’t in search of a better life—she crossed the border to save a life. It was a story Karla shared two weeks ago when WGN met her at La Posada in San Benito, Texas, a shelter for those seeking legal refuge in the united states.

“The gangs said that they were going to take my daughter. That’s why I brought her, because I was scared,” Karla said.

After a two-month journey that took them from Honduras through Mexico and on a raft to the U.S. border, a family reunited at Midway Airport.

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