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Group turns vacant building into youth art center in Englewood

CHICAGO -- Many people talk about helping kids struggling in the city, but three guys are actually doing it with nothing more than a dilapidated old building and the determination to make a difference.

They didn't have much money, any grants or financial backing, but that didn't stop them from getting to work.

The vision was to turn 1213 Center into a thriving community youth art center and a safe place for neighborhood kids to find refuge and inspiration.

"We want to inspire them to use art as self therapy,” said Shadow Master MC. "Sometimes the best way to get things out is to write it out, dance it out and do something that expresses the way you feel."

For the year, Justin Grey, Shadow Master and Hugo Cruz have been working on the space along with volunteers from the community. The stacks of cement bags lining the walls are a reminder that they still have a long ways to go. However, the real foundation, has been firmly laid along 63rd Street with their vision.

More information and to support 1213 Center, log on to their GoFundMe page.